How to... Begin coin collecting, and spot valuable coins

Numismatics expert Rui Farius believes that coin collecting is the perfect hobby - and in the above video he goes some way to showing why it could also be the perfect investment.

In the above video, Rui offers some key tips to beginning your coin collection, from choosing nationality of coins you wish to collect to making sure they're displayed correctly.

To illustrate, Rui examines two completed coin sets, and explains how condition and taking care of the coins are integral to their value.

Of course, for the collector looking to base their hobby on a sound investment, this raises another question - which coins should you collect?

In the second video, Rui explains that age isn't everything when it comes to collectible coins and there are in fact a number of methods to determining their value.

Gold and silver coins are explained and another category of numismatic rarity which perplexes many people who are new to coin collecting: Mint mistakes.

After watch these two videos, you'll be ready to take your first steps into one of the most fascinating and rewarding - and recession-proof - investment niches in the current market.

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