Gold Anglo Saxon coin realises $21,000 at Spink London

A gold Anglo Saxon coin produced in Northumbria during the 7th century AD was among the highlights of a recent sale at Spink.

The lot realised £14,000 ($20,830) in London on March 25.

gold Anglo Saxon
The 7th century coin shows the influence of Christianity

It displays a figure alongside a pair of crosses, indicating the recent spread of Christianity among the Angles.

Spink explained prior to the sale: "This specimen, having remained in the same collection for at least the last 20 years, appears to be previously unrecorded.

"Hitherto 13 examples are known making this piece number 14. From the designated sub-types of which this is type C, here we have the ninth example to add to the corpus."

A penny minted in York in AD 924-939 under the reign of Aethelstan made £13,000 ($19,342).

It's described as being in exceptionally fine condition, displaying minimal scratches and wear.

Aethelstan is often described as the first king of England. He managed to kick the Vikings out of the north and brought in an extensive programme of church building.

This is referenced on this coin, which displays a church on the front.

Both coins were consigned from the Eboracum hoard, which was discovered by metal detectorists in Yorkshire in 2012. The collection realised £100,000 ($148,790).

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