Coins with a homemade touch... 1644-45 Siege of Scarborough money leads sale

This week, Timeline Auctions in the UK is presenting a sale of rare coins and antiquities. The company only have four coin sales during the year but they offer some genuinely fine and rare pieces for sale.

Three pieces are going under the hammer which might interest someone starting out on their collection:

Firstly there is an Edward IV Halfgroat from Dublin. Dated to 1463-67, the obverse displays a large crown with two saltires above in tressure of nine arcs with the legend 'EDWAR DEI GRA D HYBER'. On the reverse, a long cross divides 'POSVI DEV ADIVTORE ME' from 'CIVITAS DVBLIN' legends.

It is a very fine example for the issue with only slight clipping evident. It is on offer at £2,600-3,000 (up to $4,750).

Secondly, a treat for fans of, or investors in, much earlier coins:  A very aureus from 88 AD (the reign of Domitian) is on offer. The obverse naturally shows the laurelled head of the Emperor with his head facing right and the legend DOMITIANVS AVGVSTVS.

Scarborough Siege money
Scarborough Siege money

The reverse shows Germania seated on a shield, facing right and mourning , with a broken spear alongside and the legend GERMANICVS COS XIII. The absolute rarity is not as marked as the condition rarity as the piece is almost extremely fine and striking. 

It carries an identical estimate to the previous coin. Collectors interested in rare Roman coins should take a look at this example from Vespasian's rule.

The expected top lot in the sale is a crown which is a piece of Scarborough siege money. During the 1644-45 siege of Scarborough Castle, an irregular currency was generated by roughly cutting up pieces of silver from plates, spoons and other household items which were then hammered out.

They were then weighed and their individual values assigned accordingly, including some very irregular denominations.  This oddly shaped piece is expected to fetch £7,000-9,000 (up to $14,200) in Timeline's sale which takes place in Upminster in the UK on Thursday (December 16). Absentee bidding is available.


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