Coin from the brief reign of Scotland's King James V is priced at £5,250

A quick look at what's on offer in the coin markets reveals a numismatic gem from the 16th century: a second coinage, type III James V coin.

Period details on the coin typical to the era of the Scottish King (1513-42, pictured top right) include a rounded base to the shield.

On the coin's reverse are crowned arms on a cross, interspersed with thistles.

The historic second coinage, type III James V coin

King James's reign lasted little over a year, from September 9, 1513, to December 14, 1514, until his death following the Scottish defeat at the Battle of Solway Moss.

Mary, Queen of Scots succeeded him to the throne when just six or seven days old. 

This rare piece of numismatic history is described by seller Spink as attractive, very fine "or slightly better", and isn't the only rare and valuable 16th century coin presently on the market.

It is currently for sale at Spink, priced at £5,250.


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