Charles I leads rare gold coins faction in Thursday's sale

Baldwin's is just finishing off a major sale of numismatic items in the form of the final stage of the Michael Hall collection.

Unwilling to rest for long, however, it is assisting St James's Auctions in an auction of British and World coins and medals in London tomorrow.

The expected top lots are all gold coins:

Firstly there is a fine sovereign from the third period of the reign of Edward VI, dated to 1551. The obverse displays the crowned figure of the king enthroned facing out, holding orb and sceptre and with a portcullis at his feet.

The reverse shows a shield of arms at the centre of a full-blown rose. Previously having received minor repairs, it is otherwise a full and well struck piece, almost very fine and with a clear portrait. It is believed that only six examples are in private hands with this example having been part of the famous E J Shepard collection. It is listed at £30,000-35,000.

Secondly, a pattern crown in gold from that monarchs much later namesake, Edward VII. The 1902 gold coin is styled after the Tower crowns of Charles I (and before them, the horseman crowns of Edward VI), showing a crowned equestrian figure of king wearing coronation robes on the face.

It is likewise expected to sell for around £30,000-35,000.

Charles I gold triple unite coin
Charles I gold triple unite coin

Last, but not least is a triple unite coin from the reign of that doomed king just mentioned: Charles I. Dated to 1642, it shows him holding holding a sword and olive branch on the obverse.

Very rare, and in really good very fine or better condition, it carries an estimate of £35,000-45,000.

Watch this space for the results.



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