Baldwin's sells 'absolute finest known' coin owned by Alexander III's cousin

Collectors will be looking forward to Baldwin & Sons' January 6 New York Sale XXVI, which is being billed as the best Russian auction of coins and medals ever held by the firm.

Among the sale's highlights is a coin once owned by The Grand Duke Georgii Mikhailovich, cousin of Emperor Alexander III: a gold Ducat from 1729.

It is the Plate coin of every major Russian book on coins, such as Diakov and Bitkin, and also the absolute finest known. Described as "very rare" and the best coin of its kind, this "gem uncirculated" piece has been graded MS 62 ('average uncirculated') by the PCGC.

This coin's exceptional provenance is verified by its past appearances at numerous high-profile auctions. These include the 'Grand Duke George Mikhailovich Collection Sale' held at Hess, Luzern, on October 25, 1939.

The Grand Duke Georgii Mikhailovich's 1729 gold Ducat coin

It was later sold at Christie's London on July 3, 1959, from the Important Collection of the Grand Duke George Michailovitch of Russia, before again appearing at Hess Auction andBank Leu's 'Russland L. Sodermann Collection Sale' in Luzern on November 7, 1968.

Carrying a $75,000 estimate, this coin has a predicted value to match its provenance and is likely to be a real head-tuner at Baldwin's New York sale.

According to Baldwin & Sons, bidders can participate online - without incurring extra charges - via its website.


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