Super-rare $500,000 Ferrari emerges after three decades . . . of sitting in a garage!

RM Auctions has revealed more details about its upcoming Amelia Island auction of classic cars - and it makes exciting reading for collectors, investors and fans of vintage automobiles.  Held in Northern Florida, the sale will feature 100 investment-quality cars, alongside a selection of vintage motorbikes.  However, the best news is that it will include several famous Ferraris.

The leading lot is an incredibly rare 1953 Ferrari 212 Inter Coupe.  It is one of only six examples with a body designed by coachbuilder Vignale, and remains unrestored - probably one of the last in the world.  The car, chassis number 0267 EU, was originally displayed at the Turin Motor Show in 1953.  It was later purchased by famous French car collector Jean-Louis Lafourcade.

It was imported to England in 1959, before being bought by its current owner in 1977.  This unique car is also somewhat mysterious; it sat dormant in a private garage for nearly 30 years, somewhere in America's mid-west.  It re-appeared only last month and will roll into the limelight next month.

The Ferrari remains in great, original condition, with only its paintwork altered.  The rarity, originality and outright beauty of the car make it a fantastic opportunity for a classic car collector or an investor searching for a special way to maximise their return.  RM estimate that it will sell for $375,000-500,000 - an unsurprising approximation.


Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlinetta
The 1952 Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlinetta - one of only three ever made

The 1953 vehicle is not alone though.  It is joined by several other wonderful models from the Italian car giant, a highlight being a spectacular 1952 Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlinetta.  Amazingly, the car is one of only three built - such rarity makes it an investment prospect that is hard to ignore. 

It was raced widely, most notably at the 1952 Carrera Panamericana and the legendary Mexico road race.  In absolute fantastic condition, this iconic and beautiful machine is estimated to sell for a remarkable $2.75m-3.5m.  For car collectors, this truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Alongside these stunning examples of the Ferrari marque are a fully-restored 1967 Ferrari 330 GTS - estimated to sell for $650,000-800,000 - and a 1957 Ferrari 250 GT Boano Berlinetta, the penultimate Boano built and estimated to bring $550,000-650,000.

RM has built a sterling reputation for Ferrari sales, and next month's auction will certainly enhance that. The Amelia Island event will continue the great start to 2011 for collectors of and investors in classic Ferraris - last month's Arizona sale featured 11 of them, as we reported here.  It seems that the enduring popularity of the prancing horse is not likely to wane anytime soon.


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