Hillegass midget race car to make $20,000

A Hillegass midget race car, built circa 1941, could sell for more than $20,000 at Heritage Auctions.

It's set to provide one of the highlights of an auction of auto racing memorabilia in Dallas on June 30.

Hillegass midget car
Hiram Hillegass was a renowned builder of midget race cars

Hiram Hillegass was the pre-eminent builder of single seater sprint cars in the US from the 1930s onwards.

He's best known for his midgets, which are small but very high powered race cars.

The sport was an extremely dangerous one and often resulted in serious injury.

The handbrake was located on the outside of the vehicle and the only protection for the drivers was a helmet.

The present lot has been restored to its prime years.

From the 1940s until the 1960s it was trucked around the Midwest and entered into local races.

A complete set of Indianapolis Speedway pit badges from 1946-2015 is valued in excess of $8,000.

The badge grants the wearer permission to enter the hallowed pit, where the various crews prepare for the race.

The 1946 variant is particularly sought after as only around 500 are believed to have been produced.

The lot as a whole represents a rare opportunity to acquire an important piece of Indy 500 history.

We have some racing memorabilia of our own for sale, including Paul Newman's own racing jacket

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