Classic Mercedes cars up 8.4% in 12 months

Classic Mercedes-Benz cars are surging in value.

That's according to the Mercedes-Benz Classic Index (MBCI), compiled by Historic Automobile Group International (HAGI).

Classic Mercedes

Mercs such as this 1960 300 SL are increasingly sought after

The index's latest figures found that prices for vintage Mercs grew by 1.5% in June and are up 8.4% in the past 12 months.

That compares favourably with Ferrari. The Italian marque, which for many years enjoyed enormous growth, has posted a -4.5% correction over the last 12 months.

"There’s less hype in the market for Mercedes than Ferrari,” Dietrich Hatlapa, HAGI's founder recently told Bloomberg.

“It’s also less volatile. The company produced more cars and there’s greater model diversity. The quality of the build is high and they’re more robust.”

It helps explain why increasing numbers of investment-minded car collectors looking for safe, stable growth are turning to the German manufacturer.

An upcoming test for the Mercedes market will be the September sale of a 1957 300 SLS Competition Roadster.

It's priced at $2.8m.

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