'Anyone know who car collector Tammy Allen is?'

We like to keep our finger on the latest internet buzz here at Paul Fraser Collectibles, and this morning the sixth most popular Google search in the USA caught our eye: "tammy allen car collector".

The name rang a bell in our office. Yet further digging on the web also revealed that there are plenty of questions surrounding her. "Anyone know who this Tammy Allen chick is?" asked one poster on the Barrett-Jackson forum. "Man, she's buying up cars like Ron Pratte!"

Like Ron Pratte - the rich Arizonan businessman who submitted a $5m winning bid for Carroll Shelby's Supersnake Cobra among his many big-money buys, yet refuses all media interviews - a level of mystery surrounds Tammy Allen. Although the same can't be said for her father...

Bill Allen, the former chief executive of oil field services company Veco Corp and himself no stranger to car collectors, was earlier this year sentenced to three years in an Oregon jail after pleading guilty to conspiracy, bribery and tax violations.

The No 5 Iacocca Silver 45th Anniversary Edition Mustang, bought
by Tammy Allen for $352,000  

Allen could be seen alongside his daughter on the front row at Barrett-Jackson as bidding commenced on the No 5 Iacocca Silver 45th Anniversary Edition Mustang (of which you can see more in the above video). Tammy Allen would eventually end up winning the hand-crafted, one-of-45-made for a final $352,000.

It was clearly the purchase of a serious collector, and just one of a number automobiles bought by Tammy Allen in recent times - many of them bid upon in the Barrett-Jackson show room.

 "Tammy Allen bought dozens of cars last year [2009]," observed one poster on the Viper Club of American (VCA) web forum. "Yes, she does get what she wants but I've also seen her back off when prices get silly.

In reference to the often macho culture of car collecting, the poster notes: "She and her people know cars. I would pass on the blonde jokes - she's a pretty sharp lady."

Allen's love of classic Vipers has made her a talking point among
collectors: 'I really love her taste in cars!'

Commented another member: "We should be recruiting her for the VCA!!! I really love her taste in cars!"

Like her father's penchant for Selbys, the younger Allen apparently has a taste for all-American race cars - including Vipers.

As well as her Mustang purchase, her other buys have included a Viper GEN II RT10 for $75,900 and a Viper 96 GTS for $55,000 (both prices including commissions).

While vague rumours abound that Allen aims to set-up a collectible cars rental business, one thing's for certain: she's a serious and savvy collector, and her buys are likely to continue generating internet chat in the foreseeable future.

Are you a petrol head? Check out the world's 10 most expensive cars on this exclusive video, or check out our stunning 1970 Maserati Ghibli Convertible before Tammy or another collector snaps it up.



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