1982 Ferrari 512 BB leads sale at Silverstone Auctions

A 1982 Ferrari 512 BB has sold for $385,000.

The sports car was among the star lots of Silverstone Auctions' May 28 Classic Race Aarhus Auction.

1982 Ferrari BB
The 512 BB was the first Ferrari to adopt a mid-engine configuration

The BB (Berlinetta Boxer) was the first Ferrari to adopt the mid-engine configuration. It was sold exclusively in Europe, due to differences in safety regulations with the US - although converted models can now be found there.

The auction house explained the model's strong appeal: "Limited production numbers, Pininfarina styling and a flat 12-cylinder engine, mean that the 512 BBi is increasingly becoming a collectable Ferrari from the Enzo-era.

"Showing just 6,729km on the odometer or 4,181 miles, this particular Boxer is in superb condition and is poised for further collector ownership and enjoyment for many years to come."

A 2010 recreation of a Mercedes 300SLR realised $326,250.

The painstakingly crafted car features a body hand built by Clive Sharpe of Shapecraft, while all of the internal components have been replicated with an extraordinary level of detail.

As Silverstone explained: "This is an extremely rare and special opportunity to acquire an outstanding and accurate recreation of the original 300 SLR, at a fraction of what it would cost to recreate today.

"This car would not look out of place in any of the finest of car collections anywhere in the world."

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