Chatam Sofer handwritten pamphlet to auction for $160,000?

A large pamphlet handwritten by the Chatam Sofer is valued at $140,000-160,000 ahead of Kedem Auction House's sale of Rare and Important Judaica in Jerusalem on January 29.

Titled Ein Me'Abrin Nisan B'Nisan, the work dates to the early 1800s - a period during which Sofer (1762-1839) was resident in Mattersburg, Austria.

Chatam Sofer pamphlet handwritten
The manuscript is handwritten by the Chatam Sofer, a major figure in the history of orthodox Judaism

An orthodox rabbi best known for his opposition to the reform movement, Sofer became hugely influential in eastern Europe - ultimately opening a Yeshiva, or religious school, in Bratislava, Slovakia.  

His most enduring legacy has been his chiddushim - insights into the Torah which are widely studied to this day.

The lot is handwritten, with corrections, across seven large leaves which feature ink stains with minor wear to the edges.

Elsewhere in the sale, a complete volume of the Hilchot HaRif carries an estimate of $90,000-100,000.

Hilchot Harif Amsterdam 1643
The copy of the Hilchot Harif was published in Amsterdam in 1643

The book, published in Amsterdam in 1643, codifies the Jewish law extracted from the Talmud by Isaac Alfasi (1013-1103) - a scholar who is credited with defining the legal framework of Orthodox Judaism.

The pages have been heavily annotated by Rabbi Yair Chayim Bacharach Av Beit Din, the original owner of the book, and these notes were later reprinted in another edition of the Hilchot HaRif published in the Ukraine in the mid 1800s.

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