Worried about gold? Two ways you can fight back

In August 2011 the price of gold stood at $1,900.

Since then the market has dropped around 13%, wiping out $250 in value.

After 11 years of steady, sometimes spectacular gains, the save haven that was gold seems a little less safe all of a sudden.

But what of the future?

Speak to 10 different experts and you'll receive 10 different answers.

Some are calling it a "correction", prices will be at new record highs by the end of the year, they say.

Others believe the price of gold will be heading much lower before any such resurgence takes place.

This uncertainty is why you hear wealth managers and independent financial advisers talk so strongly about portfolio diversity.

Those of you who have a balanced, diverse portfolio are in a great position to ride out any falls in gold or stocks - enabling you to hold tight and sell when the market conditions are right for you.

Tangible assets such as investment-grade collectibles can play an important role in providing the diversity and considerable profit-potential that any good portfolio needs.

Below are just two of the many examples of collectibles investments that have provided buyers with considerable historical gains.

Rare postage stamps

prussian blue stamp

The 1935 2½d Prussian Blue has enjoyed a 9.85% pa value rise since 2007.


The Stanley Gibbons Concise Catalogue reveals that an unmounted mint (the highest grade possible) example of the British stamp, valued at £10,000 ($15,600) in 2007, is worth £16,000 ($24,980) today.

Just_200_examples are thought to exist in unmounted mint condition. We have one of them, available for £15,000 (approx. $23,400): a 6.25% saving on the index price.

Rare autographs

John Lennon autograph photograph


John Lennon's autograph has grown in value from £695 ($1,080) in 2000 to £6,250 ($9,725) today, at the rate of 22.10% pa, according to the PFC40 Autograph Index.

We have a superb rarity: a glossy, colour photograph of Lennon, signed by the star in 1974.

Available for £6,950 (approx. $11,190), I believe it has the potential to bring you incredible enjoyment, and considerable financial returns, over the coming years.

If this has whetted your appetite to learn more about the investment potential of the collectibles sector, why not give my team of experts a call?

Email info@paulfrasercollectibles.com or call +44 (0) 117 933 9500.

Until next week,


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