Adolf Hitler's knife for sale

On January 19, Mullocks is selling Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's plane ticket, used to meet Hitler for the doomed Munich agreement in 1938.

However, there are a number of other interesting items in the sale, notably WW2 militaria, although the most collectible pieces are from the German side.

One piece of immediate interest is a fishknife from a dining set belonging to Adolf Hitler. The knife, which appears to be German silver, was probably used by the Nazi leader at some point, and is clearly stamped on the handle: "Adolf Hitler Haus Frankfurt/Main".

Adolf Hitler's knife
Adolf Hitler's knife

An autograph from Gunther Prien, taking the form of a letter of thanks for congratulations from a lady is of particular rarity, dating from his brief period of fame in Germany during the war.

Prien was a U-boat commander who shocked the British in October 1939 by slipping through anti-U-boat nets at Scapa Flow, which was thought impossible, to sink the HMS Royal Oak. Prien returned to Germany to be the first U-boat commander to receive the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross.

His fame was such that a board game was created in Germany to celebrate his raid, and Hitler sent him round the country to raise morale. However, he was killed in 1941, three months after the letter was written.

Gunther Prien WW2 U-boat German captain
U-boat captain Gunther Prien's letter

Some book collectors are interested in their rare books because they are the first production of great ideas and content. Others are more interested in books which marked moments of history.

One lot falls into the second category alone, being a particularly foul piece of anti-Semitic literature. 'Trust not the fox on the green heather, nor the Jew by his oath' is a children's book written by an 18 year old girl, and said to have been so brazen that it infuriated Goëring.

Copies are extremely rare and present a clear impression of the kind of thinking which flourished amongst the young under the Nazi regime.

These pieces are all expected to sell for around £2,000-3,000, though this is likely to be exceeded given the interest in Chamberlain's ticket.

Those more interested in WW2 memorabilia from the winning side will want to take a look at this signed photo of Winston Churchill, or possibly this letter written by General Patton which are currently available.


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