Tex Willer comic books could make $34,000

A complete set of the second series of Tex Willer comic books with a valuation of $20,390-33,984 will highlight a sale of Italian comic art at the Little Nemo gallery and auction house in Milan on October 19.

The second series of Tex dates from 1949-1951 and was created by Gian Luigi Bonelli and Aurelio Gallepini in 1948. The books demonstrate the post-war fascination with the myth of the Wild West in Italian culture.

Tex Willer Little Nemo
The series was created in Italy in 1948

Original artwork features heavily including a complete story titled Pista de Morte, composed in pencil and ink and valued at $12,227-24,454.

A portrait of General Custer by Hugo Pratt in pencil, ink and watercolour is expected to make around $8,829-18,338. It was exhibited in Sienna in 2005.

Hugo Pratt Custer
Pratt was a major influence on subsequent generations of comic book artists

Pratt was one of the most renowned Italian comic book artists, best known for his work Corto Maltese - which combined rigorous historical research with compelling storylines. He was a major influence on subsequent artists like Frank Miller.

His work has performed well at auctions in the past, with a portrait of Marlene Dietrich selling for $19,018 at Little Nemo in October 2012.

Le Etiopiche, a pencil and watercolour, sold for $17,667 in Torino in March of this year.

An extremely rare mint condition Zagor Zenith giant No. 52 circa 1965 is another highlight, and could make $6,656-10,868.

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