LS Lowry napkin sketch expected to make $14,000

A napkin featuring a sketch by LS Lowry is to sell at Peter Wilson in Cheshire, UK.

The piece was executed in a cafe in Nelson, Caerphilly and shows the town's unusual handball court.

LS Lowry napkin
LS Lowry painted a series of Welsh landscapes in the 1960s

Lowry toyed with the idea of producing it as a painting but never went through with it.

He later gave it to his friend and fellow artist Percy Warburton.

Lowry had been encouraged to visit Wales by his friend, the collector Monty Bloom, during the 1960s.

The industrial landscape clearly resonated with Lowry and he produced a number of paintings of the region.

Stephen Sparrow, a spokesman for the auction house, told the Daily Mail: "One can well imagine Lowry drawing this whilst in discussions with Bloom and noting the exact location where he had seen the distinctive free-standing handball court in Nelson.

"As was his habit, he then added the fantastic figures and a dog to the foreground and it is interesting to see the scribbled out area to the left of the picture as if he had decided it detracted from the composition.

"The appreciation of perspective and strength of line is typical of Lowry's ability as a draughtsman and artist."

The work is valued at around £7,000-10,000 ($9,915-14,165) ahead of the April 24 sale.

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Images: Peter Wilson

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