DC silver age comic art coming to ComicConnect auction

A series of four comic book cover artworks from the late silver age period will be sold without reserve in ComicConnect's September 23 online auction.

Neal Adams became an instant celebrity among comic fans with his realistic style that paid tribute to golden age covers

The four covers, each described as a revered classic from the silver age of comic books (roughly late 1960s), come from a single owner who secured an internship with DC Comics in 1969.

Known only as "Dave", the consignor was studying as a fine art and design major at the University of Ohio when he scored the dream internship at DC. Moving to New York, he spent the next semester of his course at the home of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

However, it wasn't quite the job he'd hoped it would be, and Dave spent most of his time making coffee and taking out trash, rather than dreaming up the next caped crusader.

Worlds Finest Batman Superman cover art
With Batman and Superman set to star alongside each other in an upcoming film, this is likely a strong buy for future gains

Yet, on one of his routine trash runs, he noticed several large pieces of paper about to be thrown away. What Dave had found was the original artwork to four Silver Age covers by DC greats Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson, Win Mortimer and Neal Adams.

As a comic book fan, Dave kept the artworks close to him throughout his life. However, as he now approaches retirement, the covers to Adventure Comics #384, Flash #193, Superman #213 and World's Finest #182 will be passed on to the next collector.

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