Andy Warhol attic find worth millions

A routine appraisal by John McInnis Auctioneers on a home in Massachusetts has turned up a vast collection of Andy Warhol artworks worth millions.

They were found in the attic of Harriet Gould, mother of Jon Gould – Warhol’s last boyfriend.

Andy Warhol canvas

This sculpture, Abstraction - a Gift to Jon Gould, is valued at up to $1m 

Gould died from AIDS in 1986, a year before Warhol’s passing.

The collection consists of 130 pieces ranging from signed books to fully fledged artworks, including a rare broken canvas sculpture (titled Abstraction – A Gift to Jon Gould) that’s valued at $1m.

The two men met in the early 80s. Warhol became smitten and pursued Gould relentlessly.

Auctioneer Dan Meader said: “It’s a blessing in a way that Harriet Gould was, as Andy was, a collector, as anyone who enters her home would attest.

"Jon and Andy’s relationship was a complex one and by all accounts Andy was infatuated and in love with Jon, here for the first time we see a bit of the other side of the relationship.

"In Andy’s prior relationships, he did not shower them with gifts. This love with Jon was a challenge like he never had.

“He acted much differently with him and presented him with many personal expressions of objects and art."

The collection will cross the block on December 1.

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