A chance to get 'Close' to a great contemporary artist's work
As we've reported, online charity auctioneer Charitybuzz is currently offering a piece of artistic memorabilia in the form of a guitar, signed by three members of Pink Floyd, which sports art replicating art for the Dark Side of the Moon album by the original artist David Imes.

The bidding on this will close quite soon. However, there is also another piece which might interest art collectors of a different stripe which has just gone up for bidding.

This is a Chuck Close piece named Kara, 2008 (Portrait of Kara Walker). It is a digital pigment print, one of five.

Chuck Close Kara Walker

Chuck Close is one of the world's leading modern artists. His art focuses on portraits of himself and his family and friends, often produced at a very large scale.

Close typically begins with a photograph of a face, creating a painting or print through a complex grid-based reconstruction of the image that he accomplishes by hand through one of many techniques that are unique to Close's work.

His paintings are even more impressive, given that Close had to relearn how to use his hands following a 1988 spinal infection that left him a quadriplegic. But he has found ways to produce works which are still highly coveted by the markets.

Chuck Close donated the piece himself, and it is expected to sell for as much as $65,000 when the bidding closes on August 10. The proceeds will benefit Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, which aims to help disadvantaged urban youth with significant exposure and access to the arts.


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