Phillips family needlework picture to make $1.2m?

The Phillips family needlework picture is to headline a sale of American folk art at Skinner in Boston on March 1.

The piece, valued at $800,000-1.2m, was made in around 1670 by Boston native Sarah Phillips. It's accompanied by a board that reads: "This picture was/wrought at a boarding/school in Boston by/Miss Sarah Phillips/ daughter of Rev. Sam./Phillips."

Phillips needlework Skinner
The needlework was made by Sarah Phillips of Boston during the 17th century

It was described by Gertrude Townsend of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in 1945 as "one of the few important surviving examples of seventeenth century work which can be attributed to New England."

A copy of Paul Revere's The Bloody Massacre perpetrated in King Street, BOSTON, on March 5th 1770, by a Party of the 29th REGT is estimated to make $100,000-120,000.

Revere had the broadside printed three weeks after the massacre.

It proved a hugely effective piece of propaganda, presenting the British as the orchestrators of calculated and cold-blooded murder. In reality, the shooting happened during a chaotic riot.

The sheet would convince more Americans to join the revolutionary cause.

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