Action Man judo outfit realises $10,000 at Vectis

A rare Action Man judo outfit has sold for £6,480 ($9,951) at Vectis Auctions.

The lot, one of only two known examples in mint condition, headlined the May 27 sale in Teesside, UK.

Action Man Judo
The judo outfit is among the rarest Action Man accessories

It formed part of a major collection of Palitoy products, many of which were consigned by former sales representative Doug Carpenter. The auction realised £180,000 ($276,419).

Kathy Taylor, an expert at Vectis, told the Guardian: "It was unbelievable to see all the boxes coming out with stock that was factory fresh, which hadn't been opened, it was like a time capsule…

"Factories sent toys out in what were called trade cartons and these, from the 1970s and 1980s, can be very rare. They are rarer than the items themselves…

"A lot of the value is down to the packaging, they are very scarce in shop stock condition. These are very unusual in that they have come out of trade boxes, so they are shop stock".

Other lots in the sale included a Star Wars Death Star that sold for £5,280 ($8,107), while a set of promotional photographs for the Boba Fett figurine made £2,300 ($3,531).

Earlier this year a boxed Boba Fett figurine made £18,000 ($27,244) at Vectis.

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