NAURU 1916-23 1d carmine-red variety, SG2cb

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Nauru 1916-23 1d carmine-red, type 1 overprint, lower right corner example (R10/12 with 'bevilled top to N' diagnostic flaw) from 'N19' printing, DOUBLE OVERPRINT ONE ALBINO (the albino impression 1½ mm to right and 1 mm above the inked overprint), SG2cb.

A fine unmounted mint positional example with full original gum. Minor gum wrinkles, which are inconsequential as it is a unique and splendid positional example.

Provenance: Ex Buckingham (Grosvenor 28/2/2006, lot 871, erroneously attributed to 'V23' printing, but realised £352).

A scarce variety of the first British stamps overprinted 'NAURU".

Nauru was occupied by Australian forces following the outbreak of World War I. During this time, Australian stamps overprinted 'North West Pacific Islands' were used from 1914 to 1916. The British government took control of the island and British stamps were then overprinted 'NAURU' and were first issued in October 1916.

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