IRELAND 1922 Thom type 4 overprint in blue-black, SG47/51

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Ireland 1922 Thom type 4 (wide) overprint in blue-black, range of 17 control pieces, mostly corner strips of 3, mounted on 4 pages with Irish overprint plates identified, SG47/51.

Comprises ½1/2d  x 5 (including four blocks of 6), 1d x 5 (including two blocks of 6), 1½1/2d x 3 (including block of 18), 2d x 2, and 1s x 2 (T22 imperforate and perforate, the latter not a corner but scarce).

A fine quality mint set with large part original gum. Odd small faults, but overall a wonderful quality collection.

Hibernian Handbook and Catalogue of the Postage Stamps of Ireland: TC 110/16, 118/20.

The Hibernian (2009) catalogue value is 980 euros as control singles, with additional stamps catalogued in Stanley Gibbons at £397.

A very attractively priced, high quality collection.

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