Beatles autographs with replacement drummer Jimmie Nicol

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  • Incredibly rare Beatles signatures from the band’s 1964 world tour, with Jimmie Nicol replacing Ringo for 10 concerts.  

A BOAC postcard depicting a Hong Kong harbour scene.  

Signed on the reverse in blue ballpoint by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Jimmie Nicol.

Nicol was a Beatle for just two weeks, playing 10 shows from June 3 to 15, 1964, at the start of the band’s world tour, while Ringo recovered from tonsillitis.

As such, Beatles autograph sets that include Nicol’s signature are incredibly scarce, with just a dozen known to exist.

Superb provenance: the signatures were obtained at Beirut Airport on 7 June 1964 while the Beatles’ flight refuelled on the way from the UK to Hong Kong.

The original owner's note of authenticity detailed how his wife obtained the autographs:

“At Beirut airport on that day a very large crowd gathered to greet the arrival. She was in a privileged position because her father (Wing Cdr SJ Eaton - RAF) was Air Attaché in Beirut at the time. She was able to get through the security cordon, board the aircraft and speak to the Beatles and obtain their signatures.” 

Among the most desirable artefacts in existence for Beatles collectors.

In very good condition.

5.5 x 3.5 inches. 

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