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Great Britain 1841 Cover 1d Red brown Plate 46 SG8
Great Britain 1913 £1 Dull blue green. SG404
Antigua 1938-51 1s black and red-brown SG105ab
New Zealand 1935 (1 May) 'Second Pictorial' die proofs (SG559/69)
Ceylon 1921-32 Script wmk 100r grey-black (SG359he)
Australia Tasmania 1854 Perkins Bacon die proofs (SG14,15,17)TASMANIA 1854 Perkins Bacon die proofs (SG14,15,17)
New Zealand 1930 series of 36 die proofs (SGF145/68a)
Tristan Da Cunha 1929 stampless cover to USA (SGC7)
Tristan Da Cunha 1918 Cover to Guildford (SGC1)
Great Britain 1840 2d Mulready envelope SGME4,2
Solomon Islands 1907 6d large canoe imperf pair (Unused) SG6a
Malaya - Straits 1892 32c surcharge omitted (UNUSED) SG94a
Newfoundland 1859 4d scarlet-vermilion cover, SG4Newfoundland 1859 (Cover) SG4
Cyprus 1925 Duty Die Proofs SG120, 122
Cyprus 1925 Duty Die Proofs - SG120, 122
Sale price£3,750
In stock
Tobago 1879 £1 mauve (Unused) SG6
Tobago 1879 £1 mauve (Unused) SG6
Sale price£3,750
In stock
A magnificent mint block of 12 Penny Blacks
Great Britain SG411 1915 10s Deep Blue Postage Stamp