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Great Britain 1973 9p British Explorers error, SG927a
Great Britain 1972 5p British Polar Explorers error, SG898Eya
Great Britain 1972 7½p British Polar Explorers error, SG899a
Great Britain 1857 1d Pale rose Plate 34, SG39
Great Britain 1840 1d Black Plate 5, SG2
Sarawak 1933 Telegraphs set of 11 to $5 on 8c - SG91/105
NORTH BORNEO 1897-1902 16c green and chestnut 'Train', SG107
Malta 1922 Melita ½d chestnut and mauve printer's sample, SG124
MALTA 1922 'SELF-GOVERNMENT' 2s purple and blue/blue, SG111
Nigeria (Lagos) 1874-75 1s orange, SG8a
Nigeria (Lagos) 1874-75 1s orange, SG8a
Sale price£250
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NORTH BORNEO LABUAN 1904 4c on 50c maroon error, SG136a
North Borneo Labuan 1892 2c on 40c ochre, SG49
Gambia 1898-1902 6d olive-green and carmine, variety, SG43a
Falkland Islands 1878-79 4d grey-black SG2a
Falkland Islands 1878-79 4d grey-black SG2a
Sale price£1,387.50
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CANADA 1942-48 'War Effort' 6c blue "Air Mail", SG399
CANADA 1898-1902 'Numerals' 3c rose-carmine, SG156
BATUM BRIT OCC 1920 50r on 1k orange, SG21
Great Britain 1840 1d black plate 10, SG2
Cayman Islands 1902-03 1s orange variety, SG7a
Tanganyika 1916 4d black and red on yellow paper, SGN4