Finest wine vintages from Petrus to Latour exhibit in London

Masterpiece London will include the Bruce and Bordeaux Index, one of Europe's largest fine wine merchants, in its sales exhibition which promises to display "the most covetable objects in the world."

Between 24-29 June, the Bordeaux Index will showcase some of their most valuable vintages and premier crus on the market. It takes place at Chelsea Bridge Road, London.

The sales exhibition is intended to offer collectors and investors an insight into why wine is such a compelling investment decision in the current markets.

A recent report by the Swiss-based economists Philippe Masset and Jean-Philippe Weisskopf has demonstrated the resilience of wine investments - with portfolios including top Bordeaux vintages having a significantly enhanced value, offering great return for minimal risk.

In comparison to shares-based indexes, wine performs strongly and, as such, has attracted a significant international following with buyers, particularly from China, driving demand for the Top 20 Bordeaux labels.

Expertise across different disciplines will be prevalent at Masterpiece London, and Andrew Bruce from Bordeaux Index will be on-hand for the duration of the fair to offer an insight into this market; with advice both for new collectors and for those who are more seasoned.

Bruce will also be able to advise on wines to buy for drinking. "Although prices for the very top 'blue chip' wines have reached the stratosphere, there are still countless examples of wonderful wines to drink that offer exceptional value," he said.

Pétrus is notable for the high prices, and excellent growing conditions

Bordeaux Index sell a number of bottles of the eminent  Pétrus, ranging in value from the 1966 vintage (worth £19,200) to the 1982 which is valued at the princely sum of £47,500.

Pétrus is notable for the high prices it commands, primarily due to its excellent growing conditions. The grapes are grown in clay-filled soil, high on a hill, allowing the finished product to benefit from practically perfect weather conditions.

Made predominantly from the Merlot grape variety, Pétrus comes from the Pomerol appellation in Bordeaux.

With the 2009 Bordeaux tipped by many wine experts as the "vintage of the century" - or almost as good as the 2005, depending on who you ask - investors are flocking to buy it "en primeur" (still in the barrel).

Vintages they stock include a Latour 1982 (£18,500), a Mouton Rothschild 1982 (£13,500), a Lafite Rothschild 1986 (£16,500) and a Lafleur 2005 (£11,800) to name but a few.

Other vintages to be showcased at Masterpiece London include a Latour 1982 (£18,500), a Mouton Rothschild 1982 (£13,500), a Lafite Rothschild 1986 (£16,500) and a Lafleur 2005 (£11,800).

"We are delighted that Masterpiece London will include these renowned fine wines, complemented by Bordeaux Index's specialist knowledge about such a new area of investment," said Thomas Woodham Smith, Chairman of the Masterpiece London Board.

"The Fair promises to be a tribute to the finest things in life and a true spectacle for all those planning to visit."



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