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Earlier this week, Hamid Baqaei, Iran's Vice President, announced that his country would "sever all its ties" with the British Museum.

The spat arose from an agreement with the British Museum to lend an ancient artefact, known as the Cyrus Cylinder, to Tehran.

From the 6th century BC, the Cyrus Cylinder is recognised by worldwide experts, including the United Nations (UN), as the world's earliest-ever bill of rights.

The loan to Tehran has since been delayed - and this has lead to the dispute between London and Iran, with the latter threatening a letter of complaint to the UN. 

The Cyrus Cylinder on display in the British
Museum, London


This week's Video of the Week takes an-depth look at the British Museum's exhibition, Babylon: Myth or Reality, which was held in early 2009.

Included in the exhibition is the Cyrus Cylinder, with a host of other artefacts offering a definitive guide to Ancient Iraq's capital city.

In the above video - from the BBC's popular culture programme Newsnight Review - a panel of enthusiasts discuss the exhibition and its importance.

They talk about the fascination Babylon inspires in today's collectors and archaeologists - and the problems which can arise when a Museum attempts to objectively present an ancient culture.


Cyrus Cylinder image: Marco Prins and Jona Lendering

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