A major valuation exercise has valued Dartmouth Town Council's (United Kingdom) assets at a startling £6m. The greatest part of this is for buildings and squares, but the survey has shone light on some underrated pieces.

In some cases the council realised the pieces were valuable, but not quite how valuable.

The mayoral chain (from 1895) and pendants are already carefully locked away except when needed for ceremonies, but the assessment of £164,000 for their worth was still more than some were expecting.

Likewise, the three ornate town maces are worth a cool £134,300 - a good reason not to juggle them.

Even the robes worn by those who wear and carry these treasures are worth £4,450.

The council had also never considered the paraphernalia such as photos associated with visits from Royalty over the years to be of great value to collectors...

The Queen visited with the Duke of Edinburgh in 1962. They returned in 1972 with Princess Anne, and the Queen Mother dropped in during 1981. The Duchesses of Kent and York also visited: in 1986 and 1994 respectively.

One item which will jump out at many collectors is the autograph book.

This has been signed by many famous people over the years, including the late François Mitterand, France's President from 1981-1995.

Perhaps the oldest item is a £25,000 fine silver cup dating back to 1673 when Charles II was on the throne, whilst the town's wooden coat of arms from that period is estimated at £11,500. 

Whilst a collection of 12 C18th and C19th paintings are collectively worth £22,000.

Together the pieces total £356,000. It's easy to forget just how desirable collectibles are to those who appreciate them. 


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