Sale of Damien's tricycle from The Omen promises ultimate Hallowe'en horror

Damien's tricycle from blockbuster film The Omen will wreak havoc (or rather, appear for sale) at Bonhams' next Entertainment Memorabilia auction on December 15.

The tricycle is owned by the film's main character Damien Thorn, played by British child actor Harvey Stephens. As the film develops it becomes clear that Damien is no innocent young child, but rather the son of Satan, born of a goat, who proceeds to leave a trail of death and destruction behind him. 

Horrifying scenes ensue and the tricycle features when Damien rides it along the corridor into a chair his mother is standing on, forcing her to fall over the banisters to her death.

Damien's tricycle from 1976 blockbuster film The Omen

The 1976 film stars Gregory Peck and is seen as still regarded as one of the finest horror films ever made. 

The film's original poster

Scenes such as the one where Damien's nanny hangs herself at his birthday party and the slow-motion decapitation of the character of photographer Keith Jennings were deemed truly shocking in the 70s - and the film has left generations of viewers plagued by nightmares.

Stephens, who received a Golden Globe nomination for 'Best Acting Debut: Male' in the film, comments: "The scariest part of the film was being shut in a car with a live baboon - something I'll never forget. 

"I can remember riding around the film set on the tricycle - the house was so big they had to mark out my route with masking tape and arrows so I didn't get lost. My two children have been riding about on it recently, but luckily they have no idea about its scary history!"

There is a danger that the tricycle will cause flashbacks of terror but if you are brave enough to overcome the fear and come out from behind the sofa to bid, then Bonhams estimate you will need £12,000-15,000 to take home this iconic piece of film memorabilia.


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