The reconstruction of a mammoth skeleton nicknamed Olaf found off the coast of the Netherlands has been completed and been put up for auction - with a £100,000 estimate.

The sale will also include fragments of other mammoths, skeletons of extinct running bears and bison.

The skeleton stands 3.9m tall, 4.8m long and has tusks 3.3m long, reminscent of a terrifying handlebar moustache.

Olaf the Mammoth
Olaf the Mammoth

The selling of complete skeletons of extinct creatures, including 'Samson' the complete T-Rex skeleton soon to be sold alongside other dinosaurs in Las Vegas, has become more prominent recently.



Of course mammoths were not yet extinct when Neanderthals and modern humans were on the scene, whereas T. Rexs were long gone, so Olaf and Samson would never have met.

The auction will take place on September 19. 


Image: Hessink's auctions


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