Here's an alternative investment that 'will always hold strong value'

Collectible posters offer high-net worth individuals potentially lucrative profits, and they needn't be classics from yesteryear...

Rare music posters from the past decade are particularly in vogue.

A poster from a 2003 White Stripes gig achieved £1,600 at an online auction in 2008, a considerable mark-up from its original price of £15.

The reason behind the increase? The rarity of the poster: just 333 were made for each concert.

And a Nick Cave poster from his 2006 concert at Manchester's Bridgewater Hall recently sold for £500.

"It's hand-drawn by Portland-based artist Emek and took him three months to complete," seller Jody Goodall, director of Manchester's Richard Goodall gallery, told UK newspaper the Guardian.

This Bride of Frankenstein poster sold for $334,600 in 2007

Of course, older posters tend to command the highest sums. A Beatles' 1966 Shea Stadium concert example achieved $132,000 in 2004 at an It's Only Rock and Roll auction.

Classic movie posters remain as popular as ever, and crucially for investors, they have historically retained their value.

Noted movie poster advocates include award-winning writer, Mail on Sunday contributor and friend of Paul Fraser Collectibles Toby Walne.

"Although prices have already gone stratospheric in the movie poster market, I can't help thinking those fabulous originals will always hold strong value as there is such a limited supply and we all love great movies," he said.

An original Bride of Frankenstein one sheet 27" by 41" poster from 1935 sold for $334,600 at Heritage Auction Galleries in 2007, while an Austrian King Kong poster from 1933 made $38,838 last year.


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