'Happy Christmas from Paul Fraser -  Here's to a prosperous New Year'

What an incredible year it's been...

A $2.16m Superman comic book. A $388,375 Apollo 13 checklist. Even a $192,000 sheet of Chinese Monkey Stamps.

These are just a few of the remarkable successes in 2011's collectibles markets. A year which has been blighted by recession and economic downturn for many investors...

But not collectors

Most of the top experts and auction houses we've spoken to recently have said the same thing: the recession hasn't affected high-end auction buyers.

People are still pushing the world's rarest and best collectibles to new World Record values.

As auctioneer Philip Weiss recently told us: "I found that people [are] spending more money because they're finding a better place to put their money: into high-end rarities or collectibles.

"Rather than putting them in the bank, where they get one quarter or three quarters of a percent interest."

These sentiments are echoed by many experts across the industry.

So, for the third time since I established Paul Fraser Collectibles in 2009, I'm glad to wish you a very Happy Christmas with some good news.


Marilyn Monroe's Seven Year Itch Dress, sold for $5.6m, was among 2011's
top sellers - and expect to see more from Monroe in 2012

Since this company was formed, we've already built up one of the world's most impressive collectibles inventories. You can view some of our items here - featuring everybody from Madonna to James Dean, Tiger Woods, Apollo 11's Buzz Aldrin and even Justin Bieber.

And, as with 2010 and 2011, we are looking forward to the New Year with confidence that collectors worldwide will continue to enjoy plenty of success in 2012.

If you're not a collector already, you may find that 2012 is an ideal time to enrich your life and bring yourself passion, pleasure and profit.

You might already be among what Goldman Sachs has called the "middle class" explosion: people with disposable income who are starting their own collections.

Or among the 75,000 people who are retiring each day in the US alone. Perhaps you are among our Chinese readers? If so, greetings to the 18 million stamp collectors in the People's Republic (and that number is growing)!

One thing's for sure: whether you are a new or experienced collector, we at Paul Fraser Collectibles are looking forward to directing you towards yet more passion, pleasure and profit in 2012.


Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year!



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