Neil Armstrong's 'small step for man...' nets $152,000 at Bonhams

They are arguably the most memorable words of the 20th century...

An Apollo 11 flight plan inscribed with the words "One small step for a man—one giant leap for mankind" by Neil Armstrong himself was the star lot at Bonhams' Space History Sale, yesterday (April 13).

The document from the detailed timeline section of the flight plan, covers the preparations for man's first step on another celestial body and the moment that legendary step was taken.

"Prep for cabin depress ... Don gloves ... Depress cabin ... Initial EVA. Egress to platform ... Descend ladder," read the sheet notes.

"Rest/check EMU [the spacesuit and backpack combination] Environmental familiarization ..."

The inscribed flight plan, sold for $152,000

At 10:56pm Eastern Time on July 20, 1969, Armstrong was standing on the footpad of Apollo 11's lunar module.

Holding the ladder with his right hand, he lifted his left foot and stepped onto the surface of the moon, uttering the words that were broadcast to 450m people.

After returning to Earth as heroes, the Apollo 11 crew then spent three weeks in quarantine. It was during this time that Armstrong inscribed the flight plan with his legendary statement.

A truly one-of-a-kind piece of historic memorabilia form mankind's greatest 20th century achievement, the inscribed flight plan sold to a lucky collector for $152,000.


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