Large Apollo 11 emblem signed by the whole crew to auction

Apollo 11 emblems are amongst the most coveted pieces of space memorabilia around, and to be signed by any of the twelve people who landed on the moon naturally increases the desirability of the item several times over.

So one item in RR auction's sale, which closes later today, will be causing enormous excitement amongst space collectors.

The Beta cloth piece with the classic Apollo 11 logo has been signed by Apollo 11 Moonwalkers Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (with 'Apollo XI—LMP' added), their Control Module Pilot Michael Collins (with 'Apollo XI CMP' added).

Apollo 11 Neil Armstrong Buzz Aldrin Michael Collins Charles Duke
Apollo 11 emblem signed by Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins and Duke
(Click to enlarge)


As anyone collecting autographs knows, Neil Armstrong no longer signs, making his autograph very rare, and worthy of investment.

In addition, the signature of Charles M. Duke, Jr. is present (with 'Apollo 11 Capcom,' added, recalling a behind the scenes role Duke had in the mission, along with 'Apollo 16 Moonwalker').

The emblem is particularly large, with a 10" diameter emblem on a 13" x 13" cloth. Bids currently stand at $7,260 in the online auction, which will conclude tomorrow, February 10.

Other items available online at the moment include signed photographs of the Apollo 11 crew (including Armstrong) and a signed photo of Buzz Aldrin's footprint, signed by various moonwalkers.



Image: RR auction 

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