Invest now and reap the rewards in 2019

Friday will witness the 43rd anniversary of man first setting foot on the moon.

Nice to know, you may say, but as Apollo 11 anniversaries go, it's not a big one.

And you're right.

But will you be saying the same in 2019, when the 50th anniversary comes around?

Astute memorabilia investors realise the importance of anniversaries in setting new benchmarks for values.

In this year alone we've seen the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster commemorated with superbly strong sales around the world, while the Charles Dickens collectibles market too has taken a great leap forward during his 200th year birthday celebrations.

Apollo 11 values to rise still further

I expect values of Apollo 11 memorabilia to strengthen considerably as we move towards 2019, and to perform superbly during the year itself.

Media coverage will be huge. Those who witnessed the historic event will have their passion for the Apollo 11 Moon landings reignited. Those too young to remember will be enraptured by the incredible stories that emerge.

And with the surge of interest will come a surge in demand for the mission's memorabilia, with the wealthy baby boomer demographic, who grew up amid the space race, at the forefront of the market.

We're talking autographs, space-flown memorabilia, training suits.

The 2019 spike will build upon an already appreciating market.

Photos signed by all three Apollo 11 members grew by 15.22% pa between 2000-2011 and are currently valued at £12,950 ($20,120), according to the PFC40 Autograph Index.

The world's most valuable living signature

Neil Armstrong autograph
Yours today for £4,950 (approx. $7,720) - what price in 2019?

Of the three crewmembers it is Armstrong's autograph that is the best individual investment.

That's due to his position as the first man down the ladder, coupled with his refusal to sign autographs since 1994. With a finite number and a growing demand comes growing values.

His autograph rose in price from £550 ($840) to £5,950 ($9,110) between 2000 and 2011, at a rate of 24.17% pa - he is the world's most valuable living signature.

And it's not just autographs that are bona fide Apollo 11 investments.

In 2010 we sold a NASA boiler suit, worn by Apollo 11's Michael Collins following the crew's recovery from the Pacific Ocean, for £75,000 ($117,500), while a mission-flown flag, signed by Michael Collins, made $33,460 in 2011.

Buy now, sell in 2019

If you're looking beyond the pleasure of ownership and want to capitalise on the 50th anniversary of the Moon landings by selling in 2019, it makes sense to enter the market as quickly as possible to ensure the best appreciation.

You can buy into the sector today with Paul Fraser Collectibles - we are proud of our Apollo 11 stock:

·         This signed training suit was worn by Buzz Aldrin ahead of the historic mission. We're offering it with our unique 120% guarantee.

·         This Neil Armstrong autograph can be yours for £4,950 (approx. $7,720), a full £1,000 below the index price listing.

·         We have a magazine page signed by all three Apollo 11 crewmembers.

·         This comb, scissors and hair was at the centre of the "Armstrong haircut controversy".

To discuss these or other items of our space memorabilia collection call my friendly and knowledgeable team today.

+44 (0) 117 933 9500 or

All the best


Paul Fraser

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