Consignment deadline looms for Heritage's next Space sale

Heritage will be holding an auction of Space Memorabilia in six weeks' time with the consignment deadline looming. Any collectors and investors wishing to sell on their treasured pieces of memorabilia will have to get their thrusters in gear.

Heritage's auction of space memorabilia in April was certainly an exciting event, with 16 pieces achieving five figure sums, headed by Apollo 14's Lunar Module Pilot and moonwalker Edgar Mitchell's spacesuit nametag from the mission, which sold for $59,750.

So far this year the auction has only had one item listed for sale, just to whet collectors' appetites. This is an Apollo-Soyuz Test Project hard hat worn by and directly from the personal collection of mission backup Command Module Pilot Ron Evans.

Apollo 17 Command Module Pilot Ron Evans's hard hat
Apollo 17 Command Module Pilot Ron Evans's hard hat

Evans, who sadly died in 1990, piloted the Apollo 17 Module 'America' whilst Harrison Schmitt and Eugene Cernan carried out tasks on the lunar surface. He holds the record for the most time spent in lunar orbit.

The Apollo-Soyuz Test Project was obviously later, and the hard hat is just one of many pieces of Evans's extensive collection.

"Evans" is painted on the front above the brim of the hard hat with an Apollo-Soyuz mission insignia decal above. It is in very good condition, save for a chip on the brim and general wear affecting the name and the decal.

Space watchers should watch this space for more news on the auction, or for any collectors who just can't wait that long, there are a number of fine space memorabilia items available right now.


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