Astronaut Scholarship Foundation's auction features Apollo 11 foil

Bidders have the chance to add some exciting pieces of space memorabilia to their collection this week, as the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation's fall auction draws to a close on August 23.

Apollo 11 Kapton Foil flown signed Buzz Aldrin photograph
The majority of the Kapton foil was burned away on Apollo 11's re-entry

The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation was created by the original Mercury 7 astronauts to provide scholarships for college students who "exhibit exceptional performance in the science or engineering field". To date, the foundation has awarded almost $3.5m to students across America, with the auctions providing a great boost in funds to the not-for-profit organisation.

As well as offering a selection of astronaut experiences, such as a studio tour with moonwalker Alan Bean and classroom visits from Apollo 13 astronauts, the sale also provides a fantastic selection of signed and flown memorabilia, the majority of which originate from the Apollo missions.

One of the undoubted highlights will come from a piece of Apollo 11 flown Kapton foil, which is professionally framed and accompanied by a signed photograph of Buzz Aldrin making his historic moonwalk.

The foil was part of the Apollo 11 command module Columbia and provided some of its thermal protection. While most of the foil was burned away on re-entry to the Earth's atmosphere, what remained was removed by NASA technicians and kept as a memento from the groundbreaking voyage. It is currently selling at $1,850 with two days left to place bids.

Also starring is a stunning Apollo 14 Beta cloth patch, which originates from the personal collection of the mission's lunar module pilot, Edgar Mitchell. The insignia patch is printed on cloth made of fireproof Beta fibres coated with Teflon - the same material used on the outer layer of spacesuits. Accompanied by Edgar Mitchell's signature and the handwritten inscription: "This mission patch was flown to the moon aboard Kittyhawk [the command module] on Apollo 14," it has attracted nine bids so far and is selling for $2,100.

We are currently offering a fantastic selection of memorabilia for space collectors. Our Neil Armstrong hairdressing scissors and comb provide a unique addition to your collection and are accompanied by 25 authentic strands of the legendary moonwalker's hair. The highlight of our collection is this incredible item from Buzz Aldrin - a must-have piece for discerning collectors.

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