Armstrong's Apollo 11 training glove offers a piece of history at RR



As we've already reported, an Apollo 14 Bible flown through the heavens is among the highlights in RR Auction's upcoming space auction ending September 15.

Also among the sale's most coveted lots is incredibly rare Apollo training glove worn by none other than the first man on the Moon, Neil Armstrong.

The glove's design would have
been replicated for Neil Armstrong's
space suit, says RR

The glove is molded precisely to fit the legendary astronaut's hand, and measures 16.5" long with beta cloth covering the outside over a more rigid metallic inside.

Sewn into the gloves cuff is an International Latex Corporation label, with various serial numbers and several red felt tip lines through it.

This glove gives a unique insight into developments prior to the mankind's first ever moonlanding in 1969.

The A7L suit was the final suit design for the Apollo program, and this glove is understood to be one of the final mock-ups prior to Apollo 11's launch.

The glove's design would have been replicated for the EVA (extra vehicular activity) pressure suit glove worn by Armstrong on the Moon's surface.

Fascinatingly, this glove was fully equipped to withstand the rigors of travel in space.

Despite the deterioration which often affects materials in these vintage space objects, this glove is "relatively well-kept" according to RR.

Made to fit... The glove was moulded to fit Neil Armstrong's hand

Minimum bids start at $1,000 - but you can bet that the glove will sell for considerably more.

Especially considering that an Apollo 11 training suit worn by Armstrong's crewmate Buzz Aldrin is presently for sale on the markets priced at £75,000.


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