Tre Skilling stamp to sell in Stockholm

Every philatelist has heard of the Tre Skilling Yellow, the 1857 colour error which put Sweden on the map for stamp collectors.

The stamp, discovered by a schoolboy, was a yellow version of the usual turquoise-green stamp, thought to have been a printed using the colour of the eight skilling example together with the cliché for the three skilling kind by mistake.

The only known example of its kind, and a prized possession of collectors such as Count Ferrary, it is thought to be worth $2.33m.

Tre Skilling Green
Tre Skilling Green (Click to enlarge)

Only a handful of people will ever see, let alone own, the Tre Skilling Yellow. However, examples of the original Tre Skilling Green - though rare - are occasionally available, and one has come up for sale at AB Philea.

It has not been given a guide price, but the reserve is 12,000 Swedish Krona (about $1,600). As examples are increasingly rare, this offers an interesting investment opportunity for collectors.

30 Skilling 24 Skilling rare stamps cover
30 Skilling and 24 Skilling Cover
(Click to enlarge)

In the same auction is a cover with two stamps of the same style: a 30 skilling and 24 skilling example, addressed to Montreal, Canada with both Stockholm and London postmarks. It has a reserve price of 10,000 Krona ($1,325).

AB Philia's auction of rare stamps and covers takes place on February 17 in Stockholm.

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