Postage stamp market - 2013 auction review

The postage stamp market grew significantly in 2013, with Chinese collectors in particular demonstrating considerable buying power - resulting in increased demand for rare Chinese stamps. British stamps remain the most widely collected but, at the high end of the market, American rarities featured most prominently.

Top postage stamp sale of 2013

Dawson Cover hawaii stamps
The Dawson Cover is the rarest and most important in all Hawaiian postal history

  • The famous Hawaiian Missionary Dawson Cover was the biggest stamp sale of 2013, realising $1.9m in June. The only cover to feature both the 2 cent and 5 cent Hawaiian Missionary stamps, it was discovered in a bundle of letters bound for a furnace in 1905.

2013's important postage stamp sales

  • The only known cover featuring the Hall of Classics invert, one of the rarest items of Chinese philately, auctioned for $619,000 in January.
China small red revenue stamp 1 dollar on 3 ca
With only 32 examples of this temporary issue known, the Red Revenue stamp stands among the world's greatest rarities

It was a breakout year for…

  • The Australia £1 Kangaroo, an example of which achieved $195,216 at a sale in Melbourne - up 400% on its estimate.

It was a year to forget for…

  • The Royal Mail failed to notice that a number of letters posted over a number of years by Angus McDonagh, aka the Anarchist Philatelist, featured fake stamps with hilarious designs.  

One you may have missed…

St Louis Bear 20c
The 20c St Louis Bear is among the rarest US stamps

  • A 20c St Louis Bear, among the most valuable of the pre-1847 postmaster's provisionals, achieved a 70% increase on estimate to make $85,000 in December.


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