Inverted Jenny stamp could make up to $350,000

A leading example of the 24c carmine rose & blue Inverted Jenny stamp could make up to $350,000.

The lot is to be sold at Robert A Siegel in New York on April 28-30 as part of the auction of the Robert A Hall collection of US stamps.

inverted Jenny Siegel
The Inverted Jenny is described as displaying 'excellent color and brightness'

Accidentally printed in a single sheet of 100 in 1918, the Inverted Jenny is a legendary US rarity with the finest specimens often achieving six figure sums at auction.

The record for a single stands at $977,500, set at Siegel in 2007, while a unique block of four sold for $2.7m to investor and collector Bill Gross in 2005.

Siegel comments: "It is well-known among stamp specialists and professionals that examples of this stamp come in different grades of freshness and condition.

"Many of the original 100 stamps were mistreated by collectors during the years, despite the stamps' rarity and value. Other examples have become slightly toned from improper storage and climatic conditions.

"Hinging has caused thins and creases in numerous stamps, and at least seven have been 'lost' to philately -- or nearly so as in the case of the copy swept up in a vacuum cleaner.

"This Position 69 stamp is in an extraordinary state of freshness, with excellent color and brightness."

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