Imperial Large Dragon stamp newspaper cover offers unique chance in California

H R Harmer is offering a huge sale of U.S. & Worldwide Stamps, Postal History and Collection Public Sale later this month.

In total there are 4,300 lots on offer, opening with 100 lots of US/China correspondence. The standout lot is a cover sent to the United States with a Chinese catalogue #9 and a Japan #72 stamp.

US China Japan newspaper wrapper stamps
The China and Japan stamped newspaper wrapper

Tied with a Customs Tientsin, Feb 20 1888 postmark with boda canceller ties, the stamps are a 5 Candarin Yellow Dragon stamp on the reverse of the Newspaper Wrapper with a Japan 1 sen Green tied by cancel to address portion, small repair at centre.

Addressed to The Sanatorium Publishing Co, Dansville, it may be a unique usage of a Large Dragon on Newspaper Wrapper, and given that it is in fine condition, it is expected to bring $30,000-40,000.

Harmer's sale takes place on October 27 in Irvine California.

1888 Block of Eight stamps
From mundane to mythical - the horse and dragon stamps
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Philatelists interested in stamps from the period will want to take a look at this extremely rare block of eight 20 cash carmine stamps of the Horse and Dragon design from China/Taiwan, also dating to 1888.

An even more covetableChinese strip of four 5c olive-yellow stamps from the same period is also available.

Watch this space for more news of Harmer's upcoming auction.


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