BRIC nation postage stamps can net you 'a wad'

Postage stamps from the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) are among the most profitable areas for philatelic investment.

So says a leading authority on the subject, Ian Boulton, the director of Perth, Australia's Ace Stamp Auctions.

Dr Sun Yat Sen stamp
A $2 Dr Sun Yat Sen inverted centre
stamp sold for $311,000 in March

Speaking to the West Australian newspaper, Boulton explains that the growing economic markets in the four countries are boosting the value of their collectible stamps.

Investors "buying into fast moving areas - stamps from China, India and Brazil" are making "a wad", he says.

There are thought to be 2m serious stamp collectors in India alone. G Balakrishna Das, president of South India Philatelists' Association, recently told the Times of India newspaper: "A lot of IT professionals and others who are drawing huge salaries are now collecting stamps for investment."

The value of the most collectible Chinese postage stamps is up 46% pa since March 2009, according to the China 100 Stamp Index. (We have this star of Hong Kong philately available now).

Yet for those looking to the more traditional areas of stamp collecting, there is also good news.

Rare British stamps are performing superbly at auction. The 30 leading collectible British stamps have soared in value by 10.8% pa since 1998, according to the GB30 Rarities Index.

"People who collect specialise in certain areas so they accumulate knowledge and pick up stamps other people haven't noticed," says Boulton.

This is the mantra behind Paul Fraser Collectibles. With more than 250 years' combined experience, we hand pick our stamps and other collectibles for their investment potential, so that you can buy with confidence.

A case in point is this incredible trial plate of 12 from the 1840 Rainbow Trials, believed to be the only such sheet currently in private hands.

For those looking to buy at auction, these four investment-grade postage stamps from Great Britain are among the stars of PFC Auctions' online sale, which ends on May 24.

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