A £50k stamp to match the Queen's
Spink has a number of rare stamp sales scheduled for next year including ones on January 14 (world stamps) and 28 (Chinese and Hong Kong stamps).

But let’s look further ahead, because there’s a particularly exciting sale to look forward too in March: the well known Alexander Reid collection of Antigua, Cayman Islands and Ceylon.

We’ll bring you full details closer to the time, but for now, here’s a tempter:

Salmon and Green 1907 provisional pair

The Cayman Islands are a small group of British owned islands to the south of Cuba.

They are heavily used as a financial centre, but one of their philatelic claims to fame is a small number of 1907 provisionals with overprints.

The salmon pink and green stamps display the face of the then Monarch, Edward VII, and were originally printed as 5 shilling pieces, but then required a 1/2d surcharge.

In this instance the surcharge has been omitted on the left stamp of the pair.

Only four examples like this exist, and one of them is in The Royal Philatelic Collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

This fresh, mint example is expected to sell for £40,000-50,000 in Spink’s auction which takes place in London on March 14.

Philatelists will also want to take a look at another very rare stamp bearing the head of Edward VII: this Tyrian Plum is available to buy right now

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