1992 29c New York Stock Exchange stamp to make $30,000?

A 1992 29c New York Stock Exchange stamp se-tenant pair featuring an inverted centre is to highlight a sale of US and Canadian philatelic rarities at Kelleher Auctions on May 23.

The combination is valued at $20,000-30,000 and is drawn from the left margin of the sheet, with the second stamp missing its central image.

NY Exchange stamps
Only 56 examples of the New York stock exchange invert are known to exist

There are only 56 examples of the invert known which, when coupled with the second error, makes this one of the rarest US stamps in circulation today.

In April 2012 a block of four 1992 inverts sold for $57,500 at Cherrystone Auctions in New York.

A set of three matched top plate blocks featuring the 1930 Graf Zeppelin stamps are expected to auction for $15,000-20,000.

The stamps were designed specifically for airmail carried on the company's airships, but due to high cost and lack of demand as a result of the depression, the majority were destroyed shortly after their release.

The collection is offered unhinged with bold colour and strong centring, further increasing their value.

A plate block of six unhinged 1934 $1 mallard hunting stamps is expected to make $10,000-15,000.

Jay Norwood Darling, aka Ding Darling (1876-1972) - a cartoonist who went on to found the National Wildlife Foundation in 1936 - designed the artwork for this first issue.

We have an exciting range of rare stamps available.

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