Top 5 punk rock collectibles

5. 12 punk fanzines - $269

The punk aesthetic remains safety-pinned to notions of self-sufficiency - and this DIY ethic pervades almost every aspect of the genre. In, among other things, utilising creative ways of expressing themselves, communicating passion and enthusiasm via 'zines and making their own clothes, 70s punks were able to resist and reject the existing societal structures they felt were holding them back, while creating serious and often moving work with limited means.

Top 5 punk rock collectibles
Fanzines encapsulate punk’s DIY ethos

These 12 punk fanzines, including first issues of White Stuff and Bondage, sold in London for £170 ($269) in July 2003.

4. GG Allin's handwritten lyrics - $400

Top 5 punk rock collectibles
GG Allin’s handwritten lyrics to Celebrate the Criminal Life and Maxing in the Hole are signed “Prison”

Best known for his sporadically repulsive onstage antics, controversial punk rock performer GG Allin (1956-1993) was called "the most spectacular degenerate in rock and roll history" by All Music magazine's Steve Huey. (He was, however, also described as "courteous, cooperative and candid" by an unnamed psychological assessor, following an arrest for assault in 1989.)

This rare set of handwritten lyrics - which have been signed "Prison 1992" - sold for $400 in 2005.

3. Joe Strummer's leather jacket - $868

Top 5 punk rock collectibles
Joe Strummer’s leather jacket is signed in blue felt tip. It brought $868 in 2006

The Clash's lyricist, rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist, Joe Strummer (1952-2002), is among the most iconic and celebrated figures of the British punk movement.

Strummer's stage-worn leather bomber jacket, which is signed "Joe Strummer" across the left shoulder in dark blue felt tip, sold in London in 2006 for £550 ($868).

2. Robert Mapplethorpe's Patti Smith photograph - $9,500

Top 5 punk rock collectibles
An intimate portrait of Patti Smith by Robert Mapplethorpe

Celebrated photographer of the New York punk scene during the 1970s and 1980s, Robert Mapplethorpe (1946-1989) was the long-term room-mate and sometime lover of musician Patti Smith. Smith is a frequent subject, appearing in a number of Mapplethorpe's shots, her androgynous elegance complementing Mapplethorpe's frank and unstinting style of portraiture.

This 1987 silver gelatine print, numbered 1/10, brought $9,500 in 2006.

1. Sid Vicious' rabbit padlock and chain - $31,538

Top 5 punk rock collectibles
Vicious’ choke chain shows evidence of where the links were cut from his neck whenever he was arrested

Sid (1957-1979) can be seen sporting his signature rabbit padlock choke chain in almost every Sex Pistols image. It is believed that Sid, Glen Matlock's replacement and the Pistols' questionably skilled bass guitarist, owned at least three chains, two of which were given to him by his ill-fated girlfriend, Nancy Spungeon.

The chain sold in London in 2008 for £20,000 ($31,538), suggesting British punk rock memorabilia from the late 1970s is a boom market, with the genre's most infamous bands leading the way.

Joey Ramone's (1951-2001) personal effects are to auction from February 14 to 21.

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