McCullough's 1968 Gibson Les Paul expected to hit $150,000

A 1968 gold-top Gibson Les Paul owned by Henry McCullough and played onstage at Woodstock is among a selection of lots selling at The Fame Bureau's September 23 auction. The guitar carries a valuation of £100,000-150,000 ($160,410-240,615).

McCullough Gibson Les Paul
The guitar featured in Joe Cock's legendary Woodstock performance of With A Little Help From My Friends

McCullough was one of the best-known session guitarists of the last century, performing in groups such as Paul McCartney's Wings and as the lead guitarist on Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber's recording of Jesus Christ Superstar. The guitar is accompanied by the sequined jacket worn during his time in Wings.

Elvis Presley's fingerprints will also star in the sale, and are the only known set in existence. The prints were taken on October 30, 1970, when he applied for a concealed weapon licence in California, and are valued at £40,000-60,000 ($64,164-96,246).

Elvis rarely left his house unarmed - famously he often carried a derringer in his boot while performing onstage. This meant that he had to apply for a gun licence in every state he travelled through. Most copies were shredded once they expired but, fortunately, this example survived.

The sheet is signed on the reverse and includes information such as eye-colour, height, weight and date of birth.

A guitar and amplifier, used by Presley throughout his army years, also features with a £25,000-35,000 ($40,102-56,143) estimate. It can be seen in many photographs from that era, and was likely given to Captain Betts - his commanding officer. It comes with a selection of photographs and documents from Elvis' time in Germany.

We have this authentic strand of Elvis Presley's hair for sale.

The auction features a wide variety of other items, including a piece of wood inscribed by John Lennon with the lyrics to Sexy Sadie.

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