It was the loudest thing they'd ever heard.

Size isn't everything.

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Take this for instance.

A simple 1/4” jack plug.

It may be small. But it can make a heck of a noise.

And on this day in 1965, at the Newport Folk Festival...

Bob Dylan plugged one into his guitar and all hell broke loose.

“A buzz of shock and amazement ran through the crowd,” said Joe Boyd, who was mixing sound at the festival. “In 1965 it was probably the loudest thing anyone in the audience had ever heard.”

There were boos of outrage and cheers of delight.

As one critic wrote, he "electrified one half of his audience, and electrocuted the other".

The entire thing lasted 15 minutes. Three songs.

That's all it took.

Dylan had “gone electric” and rock music would never be the same.

That spark is still there.

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Bob Dylan has a famous history with Fender guitars. And you can own a piece of one of them...

I was lucky enough to see Dylan on his most recent U.K tour.

He may not play wild rock and roll shows these days – but the atmosphere was still electric.

Everyone in the room knew they were watching something special.

Because Bob Dylan has an almost magical aura attached to him.

And so does his memorabilia.

Everything Dylan has owned, touched or written is considered a valuable piece of music history. Just like the man himself.

That's why his personal archive of artefacts sold in 2016 for $20 million.

And the famous Fender guitar he played on this day in 1965 sold for $965,000.

These days most of Bob Dylan's personally-used items are in museums.

But not every piece is untouchable, sat behind glass.

And not every piece comes with a six-figure price tag attached.

Here's something you can own today.

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An original guitar bridge from Dylan's studio-played Fender Mustang. The real deal with perfect provenance.This is an original bridge from Bob Dylan's guitar.

studio-played, vintage 1970s Fender Mustang.

It was purchased directly from the collection of Jeff Rosen:

Dylan's long-time manager and President of the Bob Dylan Music Company.

According to the letter of provenance, Dylan used the guitar at his studio in Malibu. Which means one of two places:

The legendary Shangri-La Studios, built in the 1970s to the exact specifications of Bob Dylan and The Band.

Or his personal home studio on his Malibu estate, where he's lived since 1979.

Shangri-La featured in Martin Scorcese's classic documentary The Last Waltz.

And it played host to some remarkable sessions, with visits from Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Ringo Starr, Pete Townshend and Ronnie Wood.

Whereas Dylan's home studio was built in his garage, where he's recorded some of his most intimate solo sessions for more than four decades.

So either way, this guitar bridge has some major history attached to it.

Let's get personal for a moment.

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This is a small - but seriously cool - piece of rock and roll history.

You can't overstate Bob Dylan's significance as an artist.

He's one of the most culturally important figures of the 20th century.

The only musician to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.

A man whose music and mythology influenced everyone that followed him.

But for now, leave that legacy to the official archive.

The important thing is what Bob Dylan's music means to you.

On a purely personal level.

If his songs have played an important role in your life. If they pulled you through tough times, or bring happy memories flooding back...

Imagine how cool it would be to own a real piece of Bob Dylan's guitar.

From Bob Dylan's collection to yours.

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As Bob Dylan nears the end of his remarkable career...

And his memorabilia enters long-term private collections and museums...

Your opportunities to acquire items like this become fewer by the day.

So if you're a Dylan fan, act now before it's too late.

Don't hesitate and get priced out of the market.

This Fender guitar bridge may be a small piece of music history...

But just hold in in your palm and you'll feel a spark of electricity.

Just think:

It was played by the same hands that strummed guitars in Greenwich Village...

The same hands that wrote 'Blowin' in the Wind'.

The same hands that plugged in a cable and blew the roof off the Newport Folk Festival 58 years ago today.

From Bob Dylan's collection to yours.

Buy it now for only £2,500 ($3,200).

Buy this item now

Order in complete confidence

This guitar bridge comes with a Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee, and a Certificate of Authenticity.

And to top it off, delivery is completely free and fully insured.

So you can place your order in complete confidence.

This is a unique piece of music history, and a special item for Bob Dylan fans.

So add it to your collection now.

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