Forged Beatles signatures sold for $2,500

A set of forged Beatles signatures sold for £2,000 ($2,462) at Adam Partridge Auctioneers in Liverpool on January 5.

Why? Well the forger was none other than John Lennon.

John Lennon forged the rest of the Beatles' signatures on this paper


The autographs appear on a copy of Alkali News, the house bulletin of British chemical manufacturer ICI.

The issue features a photo of the band crowning the queen of the 1963 Northwich Carnival (who happened to be the daughter of an ICI employee).

It was taken by photographer Len Goodman, who sent the magazine off to the band in the hope they'd sign it.

He received four signatures back, all done with the same pen, which he believed to be genuine.  

After his death, his wife took the autographs to be valued.

A spokesperson for the auction house told the Daily Mail: "They both assumed the autographs were genuine but they have been verified as being carried out by the same hand - that of John Lennon.

"He was a bit of a joker of the band so this could have been him just messing about.

"But something like this is quite a rare thing to come across so the value isn't too far off what a set of four Beatles' signatures would be worth anyway."

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